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Spray-Dried Dispersion

Up to 90% of APIs in today’s drug pipeline are poorly soluble, complicating delivery and resulting in poor bioavailability. Spray drying offers solutions to the multiple challenges encountered during the drug development phase. Spray drying co-precipitates API and polymer carrier in a stable amorphous solid dispersion, resulting in improved dissolution rates and enhanced bioavailability of poorly soluble compounds. For high dose drugs, spray drying can enable reduced tablet size by producing powder that is suitable for compression.

BioDuro’s proven formulation development expertise and spray drying technology can address even the most challenging poorly soluble APIs, when it comes to small molecules. From feasibility studies to clinical trial material manufacturing, our team can perform spray drying for milligram quantities up to kilograms.


Spray Drying Benefits


Advantages of Spray Drying

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Process Flow

Spray Drying Process Flow

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The spray drying process consists of dissolving a drug and polymer in an organic solvent and spraying it with a stream of heated nitrogen gas to remove the organic solvent. The dried powder is separated from the gas by a cyclone or filter. Spray drying creates dried particles that can be further processed into solid oral dosage forms with enhanced bioavailability.




Versatile Spray Drying Technologies for API Solubility Enhancement at BioDuro


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