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BioDuro Services & Capabilities Overview

BioDuro understands the value our clients place on partnering with the right CRO/CDMO. We work as true partners throughout the discovery, development and manufacturing process, to provide a new and reliable source of efficiencies, ideas and innovation, while ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

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Fact Sheets

Scale-up Chemistry

BioDuro develops robust and cost-effective chemistry processes from early discovery to kilogram quantity process chemistry. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our fact sheet below. 

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From early discovery to IND-enabling studies, BioDuro provides world-class quality data for in vitro ADME and in vivo PK studies. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our fact sheet below. 

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Ames Mutagenicity Test

Screen compounds early in the drug discovery process to identify compounds with mutagenic potential. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our fact sheet below. 

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Recombinant Protein Production

At BioDuro we offer recombinant protein expression in bacterial, insect, and mammalian systems. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our fact sheet below. 

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BioDuro provides preclinical solutions for anti-cancer drug discovery in 2D and 3D cellular models and animal tumor models. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our fact sheet below. 

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hTME-3DX Screen and Verify™

BioDuro offers the first drug screening platform to combine humanized 3D tumor models in vitro and follow-on in vivo PDX capability, matched to same primary patient sample.  Learn more about hTME-3DX Screen and Verify™ by downloading our fact sheet below. 

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Human Tumor Biobank

Through the acquisition of Molecular Response, BioDuro’s oncology platform comprises the world’s largest viable tumor collection of over 100,000 biospecimens. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading the fact sheet below.

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Metabolic Disease

Our Pharmacology team provides comprehensive in vivo assays and animal models for studying efficacy and mechanism of action of drug candidates.

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Immunology and Inflammatory Disease

BioDuro Pharmacology provides in vitro assays and disease models for inflammatory and autoimmune diseases to help our clients evaluate the efficacy of their compounds.

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Analytical Development

BioDuro Analytical Development provides necessary data for the development process from discovery candidates to clinical trial materials. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our fact sheet below. 

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Drug Product Manufacturing

BioDuro offers cGMP manufacturing services with quality, efficiency and timeliness of delivery in mind.  Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our fact sheet below. 

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Amorphous Solid Dispersions

BioDuro has extensive experience and a range of bioavailability enhancement solutions for poorly soluble compounds. Learn more about our capabilities by downloading our fact sheet below. 

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Scientific Posters

Enteric Solid Dosage Formulation for Physiologically Active Proteins and Peptides

Poster on study aimed at developing an enteric solid dosage formulation, allowing oral administration of a physiologically active protein.

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Effect of Additives on Preparation of Posaconazole Nano-Suspensions

The purpose of this study was to evaluate additives that can be used to prepare stable Posaconazole nano-suspensions as a precursor to oral dosage forms containing nanoparticles.

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Effect of Nozzle Mechanism and Spray Dried Dispersion Parameters on Final Dissolution of Spray Dried Tablets

Scientific poster investigating the effect of change from a pressure nozzle to a two fluid nozzle on final quality attributes of a spray dried formulation of tablets and to determine the potential cause of quality attribute changes

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Ex Vivo Three-dimensional Tumor Growth Assay: 3DX-TGA

Poster on the establishment, serial propagation and molecular characterization of 300+ ex vivo 3D (3DX) models spanning 16 tumor indications, as a practical alternative to PDX models. Presented by Brett Hall, Ph. D.,  at AACR 2017. 

hTME-3DX Screen and Verify™ is based on the proprietary primary tumor bank and 3D drug screening platform that was developed by Molecular Response, through a large body of academic and commercial research over the past decade, as well as, internal expertise in ex vivo cell cultures and human tumor sample preservation.

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Novel Gastro-Retentive Formulation for Methyldopa Using Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) Technology

Poster on formulation of a novel gastro-retentive sustained release oral formulation for methyldopa to treat Type I diabetes, presented by Ruchit Trivedi, Ph. D.,  at AAPS 2016. 

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Reducing Residual Crystallinity in Hot Melt Extrusion (HME) Formulations Optimization

Poster on improvement of existing hot melt extrusion formulations showing recrystallization due to moisture absorption, and high percentage impurities, presented at AAPS 2016.

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Microevaporative Dispersion as a Predictor of Dissolution Performance of Amorphous Dosage Forms

Poster on microevaporative dispersion as an early predictor of dissolution performance of amorphous dosage forms.

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Multiparticulate Drug Delivery System for Physiologically Active Proteins and Peptides

Poster on the development of a multiparticulate drug delivery system for physiologically active proteins that can be administered as an oral suspension, or through nasogastric tubes.

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Rapid Development and Scale-up of Solubilized Dosage Forms

Hear from Ruchit Trivedi Ph.D., Associate Director of Formulation at BioDuro on strategies for developing poorly soluble drugs. He discusses the advantages of amorphous materials and solubilization approaches using spray drying and hot melt extrusion.

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Enabled Formulations Bridging Discovery and Development

Hear BioDuro’s CSO of Global CMC Solutions, Blair West, Ph.D., present on challenges and opportunities in late discovery and early development formulation and how a multidisciplinary approach that integrates areas such as formulation development and DMPK can accelerate the development pathway.

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Paving the Road to the Clinic: Translational Oncology & Immuno-oncology Tumor Models

Hear from Tommy Broudy, Executive Vice President, Translational Sciences & Strategy on clinically relevant models for anti-cancer drug discovery. He discusses in vitro and in vivo models, the importance of the tumor microenvironment, and preclinical immunoprofiling of patient populations.

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American Association of Cancer Research Annual Meeting

March 29th-April 3rd, 2019
Atlanta, GA
Booth #4043

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