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Protein Expression and Purification

Bioduro has built-up the capability for the production of high quality recombinant proteins to meet our customers’ needs for biochemical, biophysical and structural biology (X-ray, NMR) studies. We provide a one-stop service that includes steps from gene cloning, expression vector construction to protein expression and purification. Projects can either be initiated from gene cloning, or from specific constructs provided to us that the client would like to express. We guarantee the quantity and quality of all final products (or study results) to be delivered as specified in the service contract at the end of each project.

With extensive experience in producing recombinant proteins, we are adept at optimizing protein expression, maximizing product yield, and ensuring purity to suit customers’ research needs, including the demands for highly pure and homogeneous samples for protein crystallography studies.

Our current expression systems include:

By working with our strategic partner, we can help clients with crystallization and solving crystal structures of target protein and ligand complexes for structure-based drug discovery.

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