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The World's Largest Viable Tumor Collection

Over 100,000 biospecimens to support a range of oncology and immuno-oncology studies

Download the Human Tumor Cell Biobank Fact Sheet

Tumor Biobank Fact Sheet | BioDuro
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Translating Research Into the Clinical Setting

The Molecular Response (acquired by BioDuro) oncology platform comprises the world’s largest viable tumor collection of over 100,000 biospecimens to support a range of drug discovery oncology and immuno-oncology studies–from immunophenotyping screens to xenograft pharmacology studies. Specimens that maintain the complexity and heterogeneity of the patient cancer including tumor, immune and stromal cells are key to the testing and development of tomorrow’s diagnostics and therapies.


Primary Human Tumor Cell Biobank

Primary Human Tumor Cell Biobank

What is a Tumor Biobank?

A tumor biobank stores patient tumor tissue biospecimens. These biospecimens are contained along with demographics information and clinical data. Biobanks are an important resource for enabling the development of targeted treatments and allowing drugs to make it into the clinic.

Research Benefits

  • Understand the progression of diseases and cancer types
  • Develop methods to deliver drugs to tumor cells
  • Predict patient response to therapies and treatment
  • Detect biomarkers associated with subtypes of cancer