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SYMPOSIUM: Innovative Approaches to Accelerating Drug Discovery and Development (San Diego, CA)

Why Bother? Impact of Downstream Development and Market Considerations on Discovery Projects

Vince Wacher, PhD | Product Development and Planning

The ReFRAME Drug Repositioning Library: Building and Applications to Neglected Diseases

Arnab Chatterjee, PhD | VP Medicinal Chemistry | Calibr

Paving the Road to the Clinic: Advancing Oncology Drug Development with Translational In Vitro and In Vivo Models

Tommy Broudy, PhD | CEO | Molecular Response

BioDuro Solution Engine: Enabled Formulations Bridging Discovery and Development

Blair West, PhD | CSO, Global CMC Solutions | BioDuro

Reactive Melt Extrusion to Improve Properties of Amorphous Solid Dispersions

Feng Zhang, PhD | Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutics | University of Texas at Austin

Development of Poorly Soluble Compounds: Discovery to FIH and Later Clinical Development Phases

Hamid Rezai, PhD | Senior Director of Pharmaceutics | Plexxikon, Inc.

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How can we accelerate successful drug discovery and development?

The success of clinical candidate development depends on several factors, important among them are generation of novel, therapeutically-relevant chemical structures, early and rapid assessment of possible efficacy of candidate structures in pre-clinical therapeutic models and rapid elimination of candidates that will ultimately prove unsuccessful. Innovative processes and techniques that facilitate optimal candidate selection is a crucial step in accelerating drug discovery and development timelines.


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