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Scale-up and Process Chemistry

Developing robust and cost-effective chemistry processes

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BioDuro Chemistry Scale-up and Process Chemistry Fact Sheet

Small Molecule Process and Scale-up Chemistry

BioDuro is committed to supporting your preclinical discovery chemistry efforts from lead optimization and scale-up of chemical intermediates to the synthesis of non-GLP tox lots and process development. Our process chemistry and scale-up operations are overseen by an experienced team of chemists used to overcome synthetic challenges using methodical and creative approaches. From bench scale to pilot scale, we develop robust synthetic routes within aggressive timelines. Our commitment to scale-up chemistry includes the recent addition of a modern scale-up lab at our Shanghai facility.


Small molecule chemistry and scale-up services (up to 5kg)

  • Synthesis of NCEs, intermediates, building blocks, or reference compounds
  • Preparation of impurity standards and metabolites
  • Synthesis of non-GMP tox lots and clinical materials
  • Experience with air-sensitive reactions
  • Experience with challenging transformations
  • Capability to run reactions from -70 ⁰C to +200 ⁰C

Process discovery, development, and optimization

  • Optimization of reaction conditions
  • Development of robust and scalable synthetic routes
  • Impurity characterization and management
  • Reference standard preparation
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)
    • Crystallinity and polymorph characterization
    • Reaction hazard screening