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BioDuro Solution Engine: Enabled Formulations Bridging Discovery and Development

June 14, 2018

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On-Demand Recording: Enabling Formulations Bridging Discovery and Development
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Rapid Solutions for Insoluble Compounds

The transition from late discovery to early development is often faced with challenges of limited API, poor solubility, and the need for selection and optimization of the best formulation approaches.

The BioDuro Solution Engine is a suite of technologies and approaches that identify and rapidly overcome potential challenges your compound may present. We develop a strong understanding of your compound, design enabling formulations and small scale prototypes, and screen for in vitro and in vivo performance while using minimal amounts of API to reduce timelines and cost.

This presentation covers:

  • Late discovery and early formulation development challenges
  • BioDuro Solution Engine overview
  • Case studies


Blair West Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Global CMC Solutions

J. Blair West, PhD

CSO Global CMC Solutions, BioDuro