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BioDuro Oncology

Preclinical solutions to accelerate anticancer drug discovery and development

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Combining classic and cutting-edge in vitro and in vivo research to support drug discovery efforts for cancer treatment

BioDuro provides preclinical oncology CRO services to support anti-cancer drug discovery in 2D and 3D cellular models, animal tumor models (xenografts, orthotopic and humanized) and biomarker analysis. With a range of validated assays and cancer animal models, we assist pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers in discovering novel drug targets and evaluating anti-cancer compounds of biologicals.

BioDuro Oncology CRO services can be utilized as standalone solutions or integrated with Medicinal Chemistry, DMPK and Formulation Development.

Preclinical Models for Advancing Cancer Research

In vitro assays

Efficient drug screening and profiling of anticancer compounds

  • Cell apoptosis, migration and invasion
  • 2D culture, 3D spheroid culture
  • RT-PCR, western blot, FACS biomarker analysis


Efficacy testing of immunotherapies

  • PBMC, B, T, NK cell isolation assays
  • T and NK cell activation and proliferation
  • Syngeneic mouse, humanized immunity system models

In vivo models

Classical and advanced tumor models for increased clinical relevance

  • CDX, PDX, syngeneic mouse models
  • Subcutaneous, orthotopic models
  • Supporting capabilities: histology,¬†immunohistochemistry