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hTME-3DX Screen and Verify™

The first drug screening platform to combine humanized 3D cell culture and patient-derived xenograft models

Download the hTME-3DX Screen and Verify Fact Sheet

hTME-3DX Screen and Verify™ Drug Screening Platform Fact Sheet

Advanced Models for Human Cancer

BioDuro’s hTME-3DX Screen and Verify™ is a 2-step preclinical tumor testing platform to identify the most efficacious oncology drug candidates and potential patient populations:

  • SCREEN with confidence: Ex vivo humanized 3D culture with 300 primary patient tumors
  • VERIFY for assurance: In vivo matched patient-derived xenograft models


Drug Screening Platform - Diverse and biologically relevant drug screening in hTME-3DX platform

Humanized tumor microenvironment, three-dimensional drug screening and patient-derived xenograft verification platform

BioDuro’s 300 hTME-3DX Screen and Verify™ models

  • Primary human tumor samples from the world’s largest bank of clinically annotated viable cryopreserved tumor cells
  • Molecular characterization of all tumor models
  • Established from US population, with matched histology/path review and associated ex vivo treatment data
  • Matching DNA, RNA and protein available for screening targets of interest
  • Profiled against a panel of 25+ SOC drugs, with clinically validated diagnostic testing for Extreme Drug Resistance (EDR) recorded as extreme, intermediate, or low

Additional benefits of hTME-3DX Screen and Verify™ models

  • Reduce animal testing in preclinical phases
  • Maintain throughput capability while using complex tumor models
  • Achieve greater cost and time efficiencies in drug screening
  • Rationalized workflow from 3D drug screening to PDX verification with the same set of patient tumors
  • Enable further characterization, in vivo, PK, PD experiments, and broader MoA studies to increase relevance of overall data package