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Discovery Chemistry Services: FTE Promotion for New Site in Jiangsu China

Since 2005, BioDuro’s comprehensive chemistry service platform has been providing CRO solutions to top global pharma, biotech & agricultural companies giving early hit compounds the best chance of advancing into development.

In August 2020, BioDuro will open our 4th global site—a fully integrated drug discovery & development facility in Jiangsu, China. We are seeking partners today to take advantage of that capacity, with dedicated FTE teams as part of our new site introductory promotion:
Start your FTEs in current Shanghai site today → Transfer same team to our new Jiangsu site in September


Contact us today for New Site Promotional Rates!

New Site Benefits

  • Expand & grow with additional capacity – 300,000 ft2 & up to 1,000 scientists.
  • Start your FTEs immediately in Shanghai, transfer same team to Jiangsu in September.
  • New site FTE promotional rates – Contact us for details.

Discovery Chemistry Experts

Safe & Reliable

  • Registered in US with strong IP protection.
  • Regular internal notebook and data integrity audits; secure data transfer and backup.
  • Strict EHS policies and audits – perfect safety record since our inception.

Speed & Flexibility

  • Rapid synthesis of complex intermediates and final targets.
  • Flexible to ramp resources on projects up and down as needed (both FTE & FFS).
  • Quick access to materials from own warehouse or local network reduces wait times.
  • Option to to integrate chemistry with other functional services under one roof at BioDuro (e.g., Discovery Biology or DMPK) to further reduce cycle times.

Collaborative & Communicative

  • Frequent, clear and transparent communication in English.
  • Rapid problem solving accelerates program timelines.
  • Group leaders & project directors collaborate with partners through daily emails, weekly updates and weekly/biweekly TCs.
  • Chemistry team provides solutions through independent design and troubleshooting of complex synthetic routes.

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