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BioDuro COVID-19 Update

BioDuro Tenacity Manages Challenges of COVID-19 Across The Globe (Update: April 7, 2020)

BioDuro is open for business Globally. We are back to 100%. In fact, BioDuro has grown in Q1 2020, adding staff & leadership to meet the needs of our clients—many of whom are facing business continuity challenges as a result of COVID-19, including facility shutdowns.

BioDuro is here to help in the long run, and in the short run. Contact us to keep your programs advancing.

China Operation
BioDuro China operations are back to work at almost 100% capacity, and we are currently hiring more scientists to meet growing demand in Shanghai, Beijing, and our new site in Jiangsu (opening Q3 2020). Our team has pulled out all the stops to create a safe and productive workplace. We are proud to be showcased by local news as an example of conscientious employer focused on staff health & safety by Beijing policy makers.

Following the Spring Festival, our Beijing and Shanghai sites resumed operations on February 3rd and February 10th, 2020 respectively. Our scientists have resumed their daily research work, and we are doing everything possible, including overtime and weekends, to restore schedules and catch up on any delayed project.

Senior management has provided the leadership needed to ensure all support departments, including purchasing and logistics, are coordinating with project teams to ensure research progress and restoration of schedule.

With the gradual stabilization and improvement of the epidemic, we will continue to do our utmost to reduce the delay and inconvenience caused by this epidemic.

US Operation
BioDuro US has received positive feedback from clients appreciative that we have been able to continue performing our important work supporting their development and clinical projects. Due to the dedication of our team we were able to meet 100% of our commitments for March. Our team continues to add staff and to flexibly take on new projects.We also added two senior leadership positions to the Global CMC Solutions business unit: Firouz Asgarzadeh, PhD as Vice President of Pharmaceutics and Mindy Weir as Executive Director Quality.The addition of Mindy and Firouz, provide BioDuro highly experienced leaders who will implement lean systems for management needed to maintain operational quality at scale, while keeping the spirit of scientific innovation that is at our coreOur facilities are open, & we have received exemption under Presidential Policy Directive-21 (PPD-21), as one of the 16 critical infrastructure sections, to continue manufacturing for our clients” drug product needs. However, we continue to take precautionary steps as part of our business continuity plan to minimize potential disruptions to the important work we do:

  • Implemented work from home plans for US staff whose roles do not require them to be on site.
  • Leadership & colleagues use CDC good hygiene best practice guidelines.
  • We are monitoring staff temperature on arrival.
  • Employees who feel ill are required to stay home.
  • Increased on-site cleaning/disinfecting.
  • Increased the availability of hand sanitizing agents throughout the site (including bulk manufacturing of our own hand sanitizer due to temporary retail shortages).
  • Mandated US personnel avoid international travel

Where our clients have imposed restrictions for visits to their sites, we wish to honor their policies & will instead facilitate meetings via teleconference or video conferencing.

We thank all our employees for their dedication and tenacity as we all continue to work together through these challenging times, to support our clients and ultimately patients.