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Integrated Programs Track Record

Rapidly advance your molecules from hit-to-lead

60+ integrated

Fully integrated programs since 2007
Majority on first-in-class targets

20+ large pharma

From 2007, we have worked with 20+
large pharma on integrated programs

Team & Process

Our most experienced science teams & project management connect all aspects of drug discovery through development

Accelerate Timelines

  • Rare Disease: Hit-to-lead > P1 Trial (saved 2 years)
  • Oncology : Preclinical > PII Trial (saved 2 years)
  • Inflammation: Hit-to-lead > PDC (11 months)
  • Typical time savings 25-35% of business plan

Create Value

  • Inflammation: Partner outlicensed asset $10+ MM
  • Epigenetic: Partner closed $16+ MM round (pharma)
  • Multiple virtual & midcap partners acquired by big pharma with assets valued heavily in deals