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Cutting edge technologies supporting a broad array of services including cell line & antibody reagent generation and target validation.

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BioDuro’s Discovery Biology team has extensive experience in assay development and compound screening covering the major target classes and also areas of phenotypic functional assays. Operating in state-of-the-art laboratories, our scientists are fully equipped to provide a broad array of services that include in vitro biology support for small molecule drug discovery programs, cell line generation and protein production and customized biology services. These capabilities and services can be accessed as flexible stand-alone services on demand and can also be accessed as part of integrated drug discovery programs to meet the needs of different clients. For each project, we routinely generate project-relevant high-quality data in short turnaround times.

BioDuro Advantage

  • Personalized project management
  • Integrated discovery programs
  • Deep expertise in assay development and compound screening
  • Broad target class and therapeutic disease area expertise


  • Development of biochemical and cell-based assays
  • Design and implementation of target-relevant assays (screening cascade)
  • Design and implement phenotypic functional assays and biomarker assays with more disease relevance and proximity to clinical end point
  • Compound primary screening, hit confirmation, IC50/EC50 testing
  • Medicinal chemistry compound SAR support & compound profiling
  • Counter screening and off target selectivity
  • Mode of actions studies
  • Protein and cell production: either as stand-alone service or as part of collaborative programs
  • Other cellular and molecular biology services


  • Target Based Assays
    • Targets: GPCR, Enzyme, Ion Channel, Transporter, Nuclear Receptor, Transcriptional Factor
    • Enzymatic assays
    • GPCR membrane prep binding assays
    • Epigenetics targeted assays
    • GPCR membrane prep and binding assays
    • cAMP and IP-1 assays
    • Reporter gene assays (Lucerifase, β-lac, GFP, β-gal, etc.)
    • Calcium flux assays
    • Membrane potential and Thallium flux assays
    • Protein-protein interaction
    • Radiometric assay development and screening
    • Routine SAR screening to support lead optimization programs
  • Phenotypic Functional Assays
    • Proliferation/cytotoxicity (2D/3D)
    • Mitochondria toxicity
    • Cell cycle arrest
    • Apoptosis
    • Migration and invasion assays
    • Cell lines, primary cells, whole blood, PBMC
  • Protein Marked Based Assays
    • Secreted and intracellular pathway and markers detection
    • Sandwich ELISA
    • FACS and MSD multiplex
    • Cell lines, primary cells, ex vivo and in vivo disease models
  • Customized Biology Services
    • Protein production: Gene2Protein expression service, bacteria, and eukaryotic cells, protein purification and analysis
    • Cell production: cell line generation, assay-ready frozen cells, transient bulk transfection and cell banking, cell membrane production
    • Gene expression analysis:
      • RNA extraction and purification, qPCR
      • Protein extraction and purification, Western blot, IP, IHC
    • Gene knock-down or knock-out: transient or stable transfection
    • Other services upon request
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