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Combining classic and cutting-edge in vitro and in vivo research to support drug discovery efforts for cancer treatment.

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BioDuro’s Oncology department is committed to providing high quality preclinical services to support anti-cancer drug discovery in 2D and 3D cellular models and xenograft mice tumor models. With an experienced scientific team and a panel of validated assays and cancer animal models, we assist pharmaceutical companies and academic researchers in the discovery of novel drug targets and evaluation of anti-cancer small molecules or biologics.

BioDuro Advantage

  • Experienced scientific team with a strong background in cancer biology
  • Combination of classic and cutting-edge cancer research models and platforms
  • Dedicated and collaborative project management
  • High quality, time and cost-efficient services to clients
  • Advanced laboratory equipment and a state of the art AAALAC accredited vivarium
  • Integrated drug discovery solutions with Medicinal Chemistry, DMPK, and Formulation Development


  • Xenograft mouse tumor models (CDX, PDX)
  • Syngeneic and humanized mouse tumor models
  • Immuno-oncology cell-based assays
  • PK/PD and histology studies
  • Cellular & biomarker analyses

Xenograft Models

Cancer animal models


In vitro Assays

Cellular model-based assays

  • Cancer cell 2D culture, 3D spheroid culture
  • Drug target discovery and validation: RT-PCR, Western blot, IHC, FACS, ELISA, CRISPR
  • Drug efficacy evaluation: enzymatic and biochemistry assays, cell proliferation assay (MTT, CTG, BrdU, alamarBlue)
  • Cancer cell apoptosis, migration, invasion assays

Tumor Biobank

  • World’s Largest Viable Patient Tumor Bank
  • 120k+ Viable Specimens: >75 clinical diagnoses
  • Cryopreserved enzyme-digested patient tumor cell suspensions (no culture or passaging in animals)
  • Sources for patient-derived tumor cells, TIL and stromal cells for in vitro drug screening
  • Sources for building new PDX models for in vivo drug testing

Please visit our dedicated page for more details here: Tumor Biobank

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