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Drug Development at BioDuro


Data driven decision making coupled with years of formulation expertise for meeting therapeutic and delivery needs to deliver API to its target. Oral and dermal formulations developed with a robust repertoire of technologies.

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Experts in designing and developing turnkey drug delivery solutions, from simple dosage form development and manufacture to the generation of novel delivery modalities, the BioDuro Formulation team has the flexibility and experience necessary to tailor unique solutions for each project.  A measured balance between innovation and pragmatism has allowed Formulations at BioDuro to thrive as a unit capable of developing novel solutions and implementing them on time to predetermined specifications.  Our focus on oral, liquid and semi-solid dosage forms has seen us deliver numerous drug product formulations that maximize drug concentration at target.

The BioDuro Advantage

  • Formulation scientists that take pride and ownership in their work
  • History in pioneering advancement of Hot Melt Extrusion and Spray Dried Dispersion Technologies
  • Personalized project management – scientists as your project leads
  • Hands on transfers to manufacturing – the scientist that developed your formulation will participate in your product’s initial GMP runs
  • Large company expertise and small company flexibility
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Well-established solutions for a wide variety of formulation challenges, such as enhancing bioavailability


We provide a customizable service platform that develops innovative and pragmatic solutions

  • Proof of concept formulation development
  • Formulation design and screening
  • Prototype generation
  • Scale-up studies
  • Process optimization
  • Life cycle management
  • Full cGMP manufacturing


At BioDuro we have extensive experience with a wide range of drug delivery systems and formulation technologies including:

  • Spray dried dispersion
  • Hot melt extrusion
  • Powder granulation (dry, wet, high-shear, melt)
  • Multiparticulates
  • Wet-mass extrusion and spheronization
  • Tablets
  • Minitablets
  • Liquid-gel formulations
  • Coating (powder, bead, tablet, capsule)
  • Aqueous and solvent based coating
  • Powder in capsule
  • Liquid in capsule
  • API powder in capsule (Xcelodose®)
  • Pediatric dosage forms
  • Taste-masking
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