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BioDuro Formulation
June 2010

BioDuro Wins Pfizer 2010 Difference Maker Award

Company recognized for its superior research services and productivity

BioDuro, has been named the recipient of the 2010 Difference Maker Award by Pfizer, Inc.’s, External Research Solutions. The award recognized the quality, productivity and value that BioDuro has brought to Pfizer in 2010.

The Difference Maker Award is Pfizer’s most prestigious award honoring its external research partners. As the award recipient in 2010, BioDuro was recognized in particular for its outstanding drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics services.

“BioDuro is committed to providing high quality services and innovative technologies that create operational efficiencies for our clients,” said Andreas Tschirky, Ph.D. “We strongly value our collaborative partnership with Pfizer and are honored that Pfizer has recognized our commitment to excellence and strong value in advancing its drug discovery programs.”

Eileen Elliott, executive director of external research solutions for Pfizer, said, “The BioDuro team, led by Dr. Jeng-Pyng Shaw, executive director of DMPK, has delivered quality data and services with speed and consistent operational excellence.” She added, “BioDuro is the model of a customer-centered company, and we are pleased to have named it our 2010 Difference Maker.”

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